RoboSuits, "the new exoskeleton company", created in September 2017, is aimed at introducing a new high-performance exoskeleton product on the market.

The target of the company will be, in the following five years, to become one of the top world companies in exoskeleton robotics market.

The unique selling proposition

The "exoskeleton company"

RoboSuits is the sum up of well-established competence, skills, experiences and Customer opportunities. The Partner Danieli Telerobot Labs, has large and diversified experience in the exoskeleton market around the world, with an extremely high skilled and stable Team.

The solid reputation of the Partner is well known and widely appreciated in the market by both historical Customers and potential new ones. Moreover, a long-lasting relationship with Research Centers and Universities– including active participation for many years in international projects – allows RoboSuits to be up to date with the most advanced technologies and innovations in the exoskeleton market.

Robosuits is also building an appropriate brand positioning in order to transform the project in a globally renown reality and seize all the expected opportunities within the decade.


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Exoskeleton makes it possible

Elderly people aid

Elderly people aid

Robosuits aims to develop a lower limb weight-bearing exoskeleton which is able to transfer each carried weight to the ground and let elderly people feel no weight on the legs.


Assissted walking attraction

The users can wear the exoskeleton to carry the weight of any package with ease, while also not feeling completely the weight of their own mass.



The advanced exoskeleton technology paired to clinical approaches is expected to enter the medical robotics market in the short and mid-term.

Exoskeleton solutions

The robotics exoskeletons are wearable devices that work with the user for the user, enhancing capabilities.

RoboSuits offers unique value and solutions:

  1. Development of the highest number of exoskeletons for the lower limb
  2. One of the most advanced Finger Enhancement eXoskeleton
  3. Most competitive price in the industry
  4. The combination of EBW+FEX+AI

EBW and FEX exoskeleton can be placed on the user's body and act as amplifiers which augment, reinforce or restore human performance.


EBW and FEX are robotics exoskeleton applications that will benefit from the results achieved in the human-machine cooperation by the Liquidweb Brain Technologies.


Exoskeleton materials

The eXoskeletons can be made out of rigid materials such as metal or carbon fiber, or they can be made entirely out of soft and elastic parts, all powered and equipped with sensors and actuators.



carbon fiber

Carbon Fiber

soft elastic parts

Soft and Elastic Parts

Market profile

European and u.s. exoskeleton market in the next 10 years

The Global exoskeleton market can be entirely revolutionized by the RoboSuits project.
The following chart shows the ten years market expected growth and the activities which will be performed by Robosuits.

european market grapho

Robotic exoskeleton market rising

In this scenario, the possibility of adding a product like FEX which enables the completion and expansion of the know-how in the medical-rehabilitation sector opens up to new growth possibilities; financed with the income raised from the EBW project, Robosuits will also focus on becoming a leader in the hand rehabilitation market.

All the activities ranging from step 1 to step 3 will be completely performed in Italy by RoboSuits.

european market grapho

Market attractiveness

The world has entered the age of aging. The number of elderly people over the age of 60 years old has increased dramatically.

Since elderly people suffer a lot of weight on their legs, their hip and knee joints can cause pain and discomfort. Therefore, this project aims to develop a lower limb weight-bearing exoskeleton which can be worn on the lower limb, enabling it to transfer each carried weight to the ground and helping elderly people feel no weight on the legs.

By 2025 the world's population will increase of 1 billion of which 300 millions will be those of age 65 or more.

Rehabilitation robotic technologies represent therapeutic interventions with utility at varying points of the continuum of care.

People using exoskeleton robots are able to make continued progress in regaining functionalities even years after an injury.

Market size and potential

Robotic exoskeleton rehabilitation equipment in clinical facilities

The robotic exoskeleton rehabilitation equipment is mostly used in clinical facilities, though there is a huge opportunity for launching a home care equipment market.

A separate exoskeleton market will create growth as a result of the need, time frame and of the excellent capabilities of the devices. Patients generally practice 1,000 varied movements per session in clinical facilities, with home care exoskeletons more sessions are possible.

The availability of affordable devices that improve mobility is not likely to go unnoticed by sport clubs and by the baby boomer generation, now entering the over 65 age group and seeking to maintain the same lifestyle.

emerging sector

The Exoskeleton Robot Market size, which was at $16.5 million in 2014, is expected to grow dramatically to $2.1 billion by 2021. Exoskeleton markets will be separate and additive to the robotic rehabilitation market.

The Exoskeleton Robot Market size

Robotic exoskeleton - Sectors of application

The exoskeleton categories and their possible applications in different fields can currently be summed up as shown below.

It is likely that the position of RoboSuits enables it to become the absolute leader in the Commercial and Medical area and gaining a possible presence in the Military sector as well.

exoskeleton market sectors 2016


As per the development plan and in the light of the above industrial and commercial considerations, RoboSuits S.r.l. is expected to supply the EBW and FEX products all around the world.